Your Favourite Moments in 2013 are Highlighted in Facebook

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Last year, Facebook gave users their own personal Year in Review. This year, the social network is turning the spotlight on users’ friends.

Facebook added a separate Year in Review feature that highlights the top 30 moments and life events from users’ Facebook friends.

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Users can check out their own Year in Review by clicking on a “See Your 2013 Year in Review” button located below their profile picture. Once a user is at their own Year in Review page, they can click on a button labeled “Your Friends in 2013” to see the top moments from their Facebook friends.

Facebook uses a different algorithm than the one that surfaces News Feed content. The Year in Review is made up exclusively of “life events and popular posts,” according to a spokesperson. The “popular posts” are determined based on engagement like comments and Likes.

Users can also click on images of their friends featured at the top of the page in order to see that friend’s personal collection of moments and posts. If a friend visits your Year in Review page, they will only be able to see the moments and posts that were shared with them throughout the year.

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