Ways Startup’s Business can be Creative!

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If you are just starting up it is likely your feet won’t have touched the floor so here are a few ideas from our personal experience when we started The Pink Group.

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Keep a notebook with you at all times,

Sometimes the greatest ideas can come to you at the weirdest of times. Many also believe in keeping a notepad on your bedside table when you’re sleeping so as to write down what you dreamt about. Sometimes you’re outside and see something interesting, or suddenly get inspired. The most frustrating thing is not being able to record all these ideas and thoughts, hence, why a small notebook that you can carry around would be so handy!

Surround yourself with creative people,

Being amongst creative thinkers is such a great incentive. Such creativity flowing through the air will push you to work harder in order to achieve greatness. In such a case, you will also benefit from talking to your peers (be that in your business or elsewhere) and bounce ideas off them because they will have an insight to things that you might have not already thought of.

Be informed,

It’s important to be up to date with what’s going on around you, but to also be up to date with up and coming business trends. It is also vital to see what your competition is doing and to understand what yours and your competitor’s customers are asking/wanting.

Be open,

Be open to criticism, to new ideas, new experiences and adventures. Doing things outside your comfort zone will broaden your mind and allow yourself to see things in a new way.

Work in an organized and tidy workspace,

Having a clean and organized workspace will drive creativity and steer you away from distraction. An ideal workspace will clear your mind and allow you to focus solely on what needs to be done.

Create a framework,

Organising your workspace is important, but organising your time and work is vital. Some may refer to this as project management, but creating a simple framework which clearly identifies what needs to be done along with your time limitations will push you to get cracking and follow through. The more detailed the framework, the more creative you can be in the process because you won’t be left wondering whether you left anything out.

Sleep on it,

We rarely have the luxury to take our time on projects, and sometimes it works in our favour because most start up business owners work well under pressure. But, if you can, try sleep on it. If you’ve finished a project, get away from it, sleep on it and return to it the next day. This will give you the opportunity to see it with fresh eyes and to be able to edit it with a new frame of mind.

Ask for feedback,

Whether you’re mulling over something internal or client related, asking for feedback can benefit you and help you in your business process. You of course, are thinking like a business owner, but asking for the opinion of the end user will help you see things from their point of view and make any necessary amendments needed to suit their needs.

A change of scene,

Exploring a new location or even revisiting somewhere you haven’t been for a while can lead to you discovering new creative inspiration whether it’s a tea room in the countryside’s branding or a town’s wayfinding for tourists inspiration is out there waiting for you to discover it.

Be spontaneous,

It has been proven that spontaneous people are more creative; being open to change keeps you less stressed, your mind active and gets you out of a rut. Having everything in your diary planned at and no room for last minute changes can be stifling, instead leave free time to do whatever comes up – become that person who says yes to last minute events. These bursts of spontaneity will lead to new creative ideas.


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