Now Recruiters have a New Mobile App by LinkedIn

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LinkedIn rolled out a pair of new mobile recruiting tools on Wednesday, building out the company’s mobile presence to accommodate the 33% of users who visit the site using smartphones.

LinkedIn announced Recruiter Mobile at the company’s Talent Connect conference in Las Vegas. The app brings all of the features offered to job recruiters on the desktop version of the site to the mobile device. Recruiters can track updates on job openings and also get feedback from hiring managers on potential candidates while using their smartphone.

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The app also allows recruiters to send InMail messages, call potential candidates and even take notes during that call within the app.

LinkedIn also released “Mobile Work With Us,” a new feature for the existing mobile app that will post a company’s job openings at the top of its employees’ profiles. That way when mobile users click to view a friend’s or colleague’s profile, relevant job openings with his or her company will appear at the top of the screen. On the company’s blog post, LinkedIn refers to this feature as “one of the best ways to reach passive candidates.”

LinkedIn has been working to spruce up its mobile offering to make job hunting and applying simpler over the phone. It released an updated version of its iOS app earlier this month for iOS 7, and has added features like endorsements to its native mobile apps, too.

The new LinkedIn recruiter app is available in the App Store for iOS users, and non-iPhone users can download it from LinkedIn’s web browser, according to the blog post.

The apps are aimed primarily at talent seekers and hiring managers — those who make up the largest part of the company’s business. LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile, for instance, brings the professional network’s recruiting products to the iPhone.

It’s essentially a mobile-focused port of the company’s desktop Recruiter product, allowing hiring managers to keep track of, take notes on and reach out to prospective job candidates from their phone. The other release, “Mobile Work With Us,” is pretty much an ad-like product that lets employers stick job openings on top of their own employees’ profiles to lure outside candidates.

The point of all this is simple: 33 percent of LinkedIn’s unique visits come from mobile, a number that’s only been slowly trending upward over the past two years. If LinkedIn wants to keep its money-making recruiting business chugging along nicely, it’s probably a good idea to bring it to the phone.

Not that the company has ignored the desktop. In April, LinkedIn gave Recruiter a complete design refresh, putting the emphasis on search. The new mobile app is free for those who pay for LinkedIn’s Recruiting service, and is available for the iPhone beginning immediately.

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