Now Google Maps Display Multiple Routes on a Page

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Google Map’s newest version continues to deliver impressive upgrades, and now has the ability to display multiple routes on one page when plotting a trip.

When users search for directions by entering a starting point and destination, they can continue to add destinations to the maps without losing sight of their original route, Google announced in a blog post published Wednesday. During a test run of the feature, the number of destinations we were able to display on a single page topped out at nine.

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As each destination is added, the map view automatically shifts to accommodate viewing all destinations on a single page. What’s more, the order of the destinations can be shuffled to offer different options in regards to time and mileage via foot, bike, car or public transit.

Once a user enters their destinations, they’ll notice a string of snapshots along the bottom of the map, which offer a look at some of the locations they’ve selected. But the photos aren’t just for show: If you roll your cursor over one of them, a grey line shoots out to indicate where on the map the photo was taken, delivering a bit more context, as you plot your journey into unfamiliar terrain.

Yet another practical addition to the new version of Google Maps is “upcoming events.” Users simply type in the name of a venue and, along with its location, they’ll find a drop-down list of upcoming events scheduled for that particular location.

Currently, these features are only available in English to users across the U.S. But as they roll out globally over time, touring unfamiliar locales around the world — as well as in your own country — will only get easier, and probably a lot more fun.

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