Space Shuttle Flight Captured in Google Street View

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Google Street View is known for capturing some truly strange sightings. But if you have a keen eye and a little bit of luck, you may see something absolutely incredible — like a NASA space shuttle perched atop a jumbo jet, for instance. When Google’s army of Street View vehicles takes to the streets, there’s no telling what those wandering eyes will see. Still it’s hard to believe that a Google Street View camera captured a space shuttle  flying over the New Jersey Turnpike towards New York City.

The image, taken in April 2012, was snapped on Interstate 95 in Elizabeth, N.J. Check out the entire scene here. This stellar sighting just another reason to pay attention to more than just the road while surfing Street View. We’ve seen our share of spectacular flyover images, but nothing quite matches this gem captured by chance. Given the April 2012 timestamp, we know that’s Enterprise en route to her NYC resting place.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Arrives In L.A. Atop Transport Plane


Space shuttle strapped to airplane, photographed by camera strapped to car. Image uploaded to comprehensive atlas of the world strapped to the Internet. Humans are awesome. [Google Maps  via Twitter ]



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