Mark Zuckberg aims to provide internet access through ‘’

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Facebook founder and business executive Mark Zuckerberg has declared the launch of, AN initiative to bring web access to everybody on the earth.

Currently, only 2.7 billion folks have web access, with web adoption growing by but Sep 11 annually. aims to bring the opposite 2 thirds of the world’s population on-line.

The institution members of area unit Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung. Their goals? economical use of information, creating web access reasonable, and serving to businesses produce new business models and services which is able to drive web access.

Some potential comes of embrace development of lower-cost, higher-quality smartphones that would facilitate deploy web access in underserved areas, information compression tools and information caching systems in addition as localization of mobile devices.

“There area unit large barriers in developing countries to connecting and connexion the information economy. brings along a world partnership which will work to beat these challenges, as well as creating web access on the market to people who cannot presently afford it,” aforesaid Zuckerberg in an official statement..

Zuckerberg conjointly revealed a mission statement attendant this launch, addressing a number of the problems that can have to be compelled to face. maybe the foremost necessary of them is profit — or lack therefrom.

“The unfair economic reality is that those already on Facebook have far more cash than the remainder of the globe combined, thus it should not truly be profitable for U.S. to serve ensuing few billion folks for a awfully long-standing, if ever. however we have a tendency to believe everybody deserves to be connected,” he writes.

The actual web site — — presently provides an summary of the project and its goals in addition as a full list of partners. within the coming back weeks, it ought to conjointly give news on’s activities in addition as interviews with technology leaders and specialists.

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